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Taking on a Watercolor Painting

When painting in the unforgiving art of watercolor, careful planning is imperative.  Better to do it right the first time!  One artist friend once told me that if you make a mistake in a watercolor painting, paint in a bush!  Yes there is some truth and humor to that but, sometimes it is not feasible.   Taking away color on watercolor paper has an effect on your painting.  So planning is the most important part of a successful painting..

Portrait Mania

I often wondered if I ever saw one of my paintings at a garage sale, how would I feel.  Well it happened the other day and I survived!  After a wonderful conversation with the owner, they decided to reframe and keep it!   Danny and Pete is now hanging in my veterinarian’s  office as a gift to the manager.   I wanted to paint her son with his dog on the boat for a long time..

The Upcoming 2015 Season

Every year I look to broaden my horizons and look for new exhibitions.  I have a new and exciting year ahead with exhibitions  in Florida.   Please come see any of these shows and enjoy and if so inclined, to buy!  I am focusing on all these shows and working  special projects.   Please see my list of upcoming and current shows in the Exhibitions Tab..