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A Private Showing in my Studio can be arranged.  Take a look at my studio, see how the painting you are interested in looks hanging on the wall;  Measure the size and take your time in your buying decision.  This will be at your leisure and convenience.                             



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Coral Gables Museum   A Caribbee Club Artist Featured Terry Arroyo Mulrooney..  Show dates April 6 to May 29, 2018.   I Enjoyed being part of Coral Gables  the “City Beautiful”.   Terry Arroyo Mulrooney images portray the essence of living in Coral Gables.  The architecture and natural surroundings are a symbiotic relationship of the beauty and life of Coral Gables.

Originals and Prints are available for purchase at the Museum Gift Shop by Books and Books.




Recently this summer, I worked with CreateMiami.org

Create Miami is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing communities through arts education, art access and public art programs.  What fun I had with a group of really fun children.  We painted together and had so much fun….

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One very fun thing I have done has been such a wonderful experience…I was invited to come by the ArtBox in Coconut Grove and visit with the students. What pure JOY.  These children are very talented and are enjoying their summer at ArtBox.  I have some fans and what wonderful fans they are!  Thank you Sofia and Maria.  They have child and adult classes…Check them out today!




Another fun (but Very Time Consuming) weekend was during the Home and Design Show in FT Lauderdale.  I made some new friends and had a good time with getting to know them



I have been commissioned by a Developer in Naples to paint the homes for the new owner.  I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this.   This is a long term commitment and I am enjoying working with them!

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I was honored to have been selected to participate in the Contemporary Arts Project USA 2016.   I was in the Spectrum Tent in Booth 315.    Specially curated programming to stunning artwork from 160+ contemporary galleries and artists worldwide!

A Journey I Will Always Have Close to me

I had the wonderful experience working with a non-profit organization called MUJER. Over the 2014 Christmas Holiday through my granddaughter’s Girl Scout Troop we had Santa, food and gifts for the children and their families.  At M.U.J.E.R. they  provide a trusting environment that promotes emotional wellness and stability by empowering individuals through advocacy, direct response to domestic and sexual abuse, and support services that strengthen families.   mujerfla.org  

During that time, I was granted permission to take photos of some terrific kids.  They were part of MUJER.  They were all smiles and having a wonderful time.  I was impressed with the staff and children.  The Staff had lots of love and respect for these families.   When I got home and looked at the faces of these families in my photos, it was wonderful to see the smiles, laughter and joy, They stole my heart.

I contacted MUJER and asked if I could do something special for them.  I picked out the most “paintable” photos and asked if I could paint these smiles and happiness…

I then presented the 27 paintings to the families.  What a thrill to see the parents and children excited that they were selected and painted.  This was done from my heart to share joy to families affected by violence and or abuse.  I will share a thank you note one of the mothers sent me today.  It touched my heart.

“I am one of the lucky moms from Mujer that received your beautiful gift of my children’s paintings.  I just wanted to thank you for such an extraordinary thought and gift. May God bless you always! . I am stunned by this gift,  it made me cry,  you capture the smiles that I have in my mind at all times to keep me strong and going.  I will cherish your gift forever. I am  just sorry that I couldn’t thank you in person. This is why I needed to let you know how much this means to me. Thank you once again!! God bless and have a wonderful day!”  A MUJER client


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Children's Portraits, Commissioned portraits, fine art watercolor

Commissioned Portrait











This show was a great success!

Pinecrest Gardens, Tropical trees, Roots, Banyan trees, Trees, Parks South Florida, Forests


Solo Exhibition at Pinecrest Gardens                                                                               Title of Show:  An Ancient Sacred Village in Pinecrest

All the paintings in my exhibit are specific to Pinecrest Gardens highlighting the Banyan Tree.  Also included are some solution holes, (one 30,000 years old) exotic and tropical plants, flowers and some animals.

I have since learned how sacred these ancient trees are. In many cultures, they have used these massive trees as homes and small communities.  Banyans have a wonderful way of catching the light and there is so much movement of the roots.  They are all so connected it reminds me of the way life is so connected and intertwined.  Because of this they have become one of my favorite subjects to paint.